About Us

 Official Cane Creek & FOX service centre

With over 30 years combined experience in the cycling industry, we believe our experience is second to none in Australia. We have a strong background in race support, with competing internationally (world cups & national teams) we know how important suspension setup is, this in turn helps us help you achieve the very best ride possible. We focus on:

 • Price: Our service will make your fork or shock like new again for much less than buying a new one. For a fifth of the price, you can enjoy all the comfort and safety a new fork has to offer as we have taken the time to go through it piece by piece.

 • Attention to Detail: Your fork will be taken apart by our technicians and examined from top to bottom. It doesn't leave the shop until we are 100% satisfied with the work. Our goal is for you to get it back and say “Wow! This is better than I expected.” • Customer Service: We answer the phone and return emails. From our 30+ years in the industry, we see the gaps in customer service and promise real people with realistic support service.

 • Quick Turnaround: We feel your pain when you can’t ride. That’s why we are committed to the quickest turnaround time in the business, usually 24 hours & we offer shipping anywhere in Australia within 3-4 days! We offer express postal service next day; please Phone or email for a quote. If something needs more work, we will contact you to discuss your options.

 • All Major Brands: We recognize that riders have different reasons for choosing their brand of suspension. We work on nearly all-major brands and as a result, we often find solutions to suspension problems based on our exposure to a wide variety of products. We want to make everyone’s riding experience better, not just those who ride a specific fork or shock.

 • Rider specific tuning: Our technician’s focus on each individual rider’s needs. For every job, we factor in a rider’s height, weight, style of riding, trail conditions, and other unique factors as needed. Based in Perth WA, our goal is to provide you with the best quality serving at realistic prices.